During the great depression life was hard for many people it was a time of sadness, stress, and sufuring. During that time there was a man named Louis Armstrong a tall African American with a musical talent like no other. Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was poor ,but brave and loved music. When he was older and got more involed with music he found out he loved jazz music.When he goes on stage he rocks the jazz .He inspired people thruogh his music and made people have hope and grove. Armstrong had 3 heart attacks before he died in his sleep on July 6, 1971, in Queens, New York. One of his greatest hits was " WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD". His jazz was soothing and his back story touching,but most of all his determination for what he loved touched the hearts of people during the great depression!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!