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Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863. He was born at Greenfield Township, Wayne County, Michigan. He died April 7, 1947, he at Fair Lane.

Henry Ford was a entrepreneur who was the founder of the Ford Motor Company in 1910. His company began using mass production, he used machines to make mmany products at once. During 1909-1927, fifteen million of Henry Fords cars were sold. How did he make these many cars you ask? He didn't make these cars all by himself. To poduce these many cars he had a asseembly line, he made a long line of workers and equipment and they did what they did best one the assembly line. So the car just travel down a line and a and a person does a certain thing. For example, one person might put the driving wheel in the car then the next person put tires on the car. The way he organized his company was called division of labor. Using this method Herny Ford was making cars more quickly and inexpensive than they had before mass production. Because he spent less money on making his cars, he could sell them for a lower price. He could even pay his worker more and make a profit. Lower prices and higher salary meant more people had the oppertunity to buy Henry Fords cars. Becasue of his smart idea, every one started using mass production. As each company grew it could hire more people to work, and more peolpe with jobs meant more money and more meant they every one was happy!

This is a picture of what Henry Ford This is a picture of Henry Ford's assembly line.

looked like.

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