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Louis Armstrong
People might say how is a guy that plays jazz music even important well it is importatnt cause he basicly put jazz in this big catigories
louis armstrong was born August 4 1901 in New Orleans louisiana He was a singer/trumpet player/song writer and He influeced countless musiciansArmstrong was influed at a wife's home for boys and recived music intructions and fell in love with music and never stopped. Jazz really began amoung africans americans who lived in the south.When enslaveed Africans came to america they brought diffrent music styles and developed jazz in many way. One of louis Armstrongs greatest hits was What A Wonderful .Armstrong developed a way of playing jazz as an instumentilist and vocalist. Witch had an impact on hundred of musicians and later on in life after Armstrong retierded he was having many heart attacks when he was sleeping but then he died in his house in Queens New York Jully 6 1971